Новые поступления иностранных журналов
26.05.2014 / архив

Applied Magnetic Resonance
2014 V.45 N.4
Archives of Control Science
2014 V.24 N.1
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan
2014 V.87 N.3
Chemistry Letters
2014 V.43 N.3
Chinese Chemical Letters
2014 V.25 N.1, N.2
Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering
2014 V.27 N.2
Chinese Optics Letters
2014 V.12 N.1, N.2
Chinese Physics B (until 2008: Chinese Physics)
2014 V.23 N.1, N.2
Chinese Science Bulletin (as of 2015 see: Science Bulletin)
2013 V.58 N.27, N.28-29, 2014 V.59 N.2, N.3, N.4
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
2013 V.38 N.12
Earth, Planets and Space (until 1997: J.of Geomagnetism and Geoelectricity 0022-1392)
2013 V.65 N.11, N.12
International Journal of Radiation Biology
2014 V.90 N.5
Journal of General and Applied Microbiology
2014 V.60 N.1
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology (until 2004 see Acta Botanica Sinica)
2014 V.56 N.2
Journal of Structural Chemistry
2013 V.54 N.SUP 1
Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University
2014 V.59 N.1((feb)
Plasma Science and Technology
2014 V.16 N.1, N.2
The Journal of Physiological Sciences (until 2006: Japanese Journal of Physiology)
2014 V.64 N.2

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