Новые поступления иностранных журналов
18.07.2016 / архив

Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica
2016 V.29 N.2
Chinese Chemical Letters
2016 V.27 N.3, N.4
Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering
2016 V.29 N.3
Chinese Physics B (until 2008: Chinese Physics)
2016 V.25 N.4, N.6
Communications in Theoretical Physics
2016 V.65 N.5
Computer Assisted Methods in Engineering and Science (until 2012 see: Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences)
2015 V.22 N.2
Geochemical Journal
2016 V.50 N.3
Journal of General Plant Pathology (until 2000: Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 0031-9473)
2016 V.82 N.3
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology (until 2004 see Acta Botanica Sinica)
2016 V.58 N.5
Mendeleev Communications
2016 V.26 N.3
Science Bulletin (until 2015 see: Chinese Science Bulletin)
2016 V.61 N.9, N.10

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