Library for Natural Sciences of RAS. Journals catalog

The description of the catalog
This electronic catalog represents more than 10 thousand titles of journals from the centralized library system of Library for Natural Sciences of RAS (LNS RAS) stock. The catalog contains the information about issues of Russian journals published since 1994 and of foreign journals published since 1990. Additionally the information about 6055 electronic versions of journals available to the readers of LNS RAS is represented.
The search in the electronic catalog of journals is available by:
left Alphabet lists of titles,
left Subject lists,
down Journals attributes.
Searching by journals attributes
A query consists of one or more attribute-value pairs linked by logical operators OR-AND-NOT. If the truncation is marked, it applies to every term in the value. To search by the fragment it's enough to enter some first letters of neighbouring words and to mark the truncation.
Attribute: Value: Truncation: Logical operator: